1. I’m pathetic…

  2. see one of the great things about long-running comic series’ that constantly change writers is that you can pretty much pick and choose what’s canon and what’s not for yourself, because it’s all gonna get retconned anyway so fuck it

  3. johnnybooboo:

    okAY OKAY okay im done i swear im done 1

    happy birthday to aoba, sei, and ren! again!!

  4. Anonymous asked: have you ever heard of the aoba cake tag ?


  5. it makes me sad to think of all the people who played Hatoful Boyfriend, but didn’t pay for the full version and therefore couldn’t play the Hurtful Boyfriend route that unlocks after you finish all the other routes 

    that’s where the real story is do you understand

  6. It’s like you’re my mirror

    My mirror staring back at me

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  7. is pixiv aware of aoba cake yet?

  8. johnnybooboo:

    you really shouldn’t have

    happy birthday to aoba, sei, and ren!!

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  9. new ao no fanfic chapters/stories getting posted everywhere from fantastic writers
    what a time to be alive

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  11. "why is it so hard to lose weight in america?? ? ?"

    slightly moldy tiny ass prepackaged shit salad that likely expires tomorrow - 6.24
    huge ass slice of piping hot pizza with meat toppings - 2.89


  12. pugfarts:


    burn the aoba cake


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  13. I have enough money to pay for a brand new iMac upfront and to maintain the monthly payments for a brand new iPhone 5s
    I do not have enough money to buy the food at my colleges cafeteria


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