1. absolutely terrible

  2. who needs children when all these fictional 15 year olds exist

  3. please for the love of all that is holy just go maKE A GODDAMN FRIEND YUKIO

  4. I want just one chapter dedicated to yukio making one friend who has no connection whatsoever to rin
    just one
    one chapter
    one friend
    just one

  5. katworunyagisa:

    縁が君を導くだろうEn ga kimi o michibiku darou "The force that binds us will [probably] guide you", alt. "[I hope] our bond will guide you" It’s not Woru’s most famous line, but I feel it should be dealt a little more justice because of the sheer multitude of feelings it contains.
    On to the first point: Technically the fansubbers were correct in their translation, but the double meaning of Kaworu’s words will be lost on those who don’t know Japanese. Now the word “en” does indeed mean “fate “, but not in quite the same way Westerners view it. “En” represents the irresistible and mysterious power that bonds two people together. Let that sink in…
    Second point: You can also translate “en” as simply “bond”, or “connection” (between people). Let that sink in…
    Third point: The last word, darou (“will probably”), is left out of the translation ‘cause it sounds awkward in English. But basically, it expresses uncertainty on Kaworu’s part. That implies quite a bit, don’t it..
    Moral of the lesson: Don’t take Woru’s words lightly, they pretty much always have a hidden meaning.

    I wanna add to this already good breakdown :o

    だろう does have uncertain nuances like かもしれない and たぶん、but unlike them it can also give off a hopeful vibe, like you’re hoping the other person agrees. I always interpreted his だろう here as that: a subtle nudge to Shinji hoping the bond they made thus far will guide him, cause all Kaworu can do at that point is hope.

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  7. sugoicosplay:

    Hayari as Shiemi


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  8. btvs + priorities
       ↪ "Uh, can we just revel in your fabulous lack of priorities?"

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  9. Ao no Exorcist Jump SQ covers 2009 - 2014

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  10. alright sorry i can’t even pretend

  11. "The glory of Buffy is it was filled with strong women. Only one of those strong women had supernatural strength and an awful lot of sharpened stakes. And people sort of go ‘Well yes, of course Buffy was a strong woman. She could kick her way through a door.’ And you go ‘No, well that’s not actually what makes her a strong woman! You’re missing the point.’"
    - Neil Gaiman (X)

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  13. One thing you can say about Angel: at least he’s consistent.

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  14. Anonymous asked: ur my favorite buffy blog

    thanks, i try

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