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  2. [nasally grunt of mild displeasure]

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    now with subtitles!

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    A long sentence about Izaya’s smile (from the first light novel chapter that revolved around him) that I love and wanted to share. (click for a bigger version of the picture)



    That smile…well, it may have been a smile, but it was as expressionless as a mask; it may have been a smile, but it was cold and callous through and through; and—because it was a smile—it filled anyone who saw it with endless terror. It was that kind of smile.


    Vocab/grammar notes:

    • その that
    • 笑顔(えがお) smile
    • ~である to be a~ (mostly used in writing)
    • ~ながら while (~でありながら while being a ~; despite being a~)
    • 仮面(かめん) mask
    • ~のように like a ~
    • 無表情(むひょうじょう) expressionless (無 not + 表情 expression)
    • 何処までも(どこまでも) anywhere, as far as possible, completely, thoroughly (どこ where + まで until + も also = wherever you end up looking, it’ll be this way there too)
    • 冷淡(れいたん) cold, indifferent
    • ~が故に(~がゆえに) because~, for the reason that ~
    • 見る(みる) see
    • もの person
    • 果てしない(はてしない) endless, infinite (果て end, limit; しない doesn’t)
    • 恐怖(きょうふ) fear, terror
    • 与える(あたえる) to give, to bestow upon
    • そんな that kind of
    • だった was
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    dramatic! lighting! is! hard!

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    but what if clear only sung heavy metal

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    My commission from mimiblargh. This means so much to me thank you

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    Here’s the DMMD version I’ve been selling out since AFAID 2014 and Comifuro 4 \(´▽`)/ 

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    doodled my ray of sunshine before going to sleep hahaha (=`ω´=)

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  11. Rei Ryugazaki + Blue

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